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Strange LLP has earned an international reputation for providing exemplary legal representation and securing large wins. The team at Strange has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients and has provided unparalleled legal guidance both to corporate clients and to individuals.

Some representative cases include:

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Class Action Plaintiff Representation

Strange LLP has the ability to take on a range of cases requiring litigation. Since 2000, the attorneys at Strange LLP have acted as lead counsel in several class and mass action cases obtaining settlements in excess of $500 million.

Insurance Bad Faith

Strange LLP has protected the rights of insurance consumers for decades. They have recovered damages for people who dutifully pay their premiums and then face a battle to obtain policy benefits after a disaster. Bad faith occurs when an insurance company refuses to cover (or to adequately cover or timely pay for) damages covered under a policy.

Our lawyers are familiar with many of the tactics that insurers may use to wrongfully deny coverage that policyholders deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in cases relating to predatory insurance practices, and we are prepared to assist you in evaluating your potential claim

Corporate woman talking on phone on stairs
Corporate woman talking on phone on stairs


We have recovered over $250 million in cases related to fire liability and insurance bad faith. As part of our practice, we guide our clients through the process of recovering from fires and recovering money from corporations responsible for starting fires. We have also pursued insurance companies for wrongfully withholding money after a disaster and for engaging in unfair claims handling practices. Our multi-faceted approach to disaster recovery has positioned us at the forefront of fire litigation and insurance bad faith cases. We are selective in the cases we take on so that we can provide tailored and detailed legal services to our clients.

Corporate Affirmative Recovery

Corporate clients and individuals can be the victim of antitrust conduct by competitors in fixing prices or manipulating markets, as well as a myriad of schemes that harm a corporation's ability to compete.

Many of antitrust cases involving large-scale damages that harm entire industries begin with public enforcement by the U.S. Department of Justice, the European Commission, or another competition authority; these public actions form the basis for private actions by cartel victims. The official imprimatur of a DOJ or Commission decision has led an increasing number of businesses to pursue antitrust damage recovery actions.

Recently, major corporations like AT&T, Delta Airlines, and Walmart have pursued private damage actions to recover monies wrongfully taken. With 35 years of plaintiff experience, Strange LLP has been at the forefront of assisting large corporate plaintiffs to assert their right to recover their damages.

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Clients benefit from our consistent track record of success in AntiTrust Actions

Both corporations and consumers can be victimized by anti-competitive conduct. The amounts at stake for large corporations that are victims of antitrust violations are often sizable — these claims are corporate assets that companies have an obligation to their stakeholders to monetize. Not only does Strange LLP protect consumers, when entire industries are victimized by unfair conduct, the Firm also has a history of assisting corporations in the recovery of damages as a result of anticompetitive conduct.

With decades of experience, Brian R. Strange and his team have played a leading role in groundbreaking antitrust litigation in all types of industries, including technology. Brian was one of the first lawyers to argue the value of data to the courts in the technology field.

The Firm regularly crafts strategies and winning approaches to achieve a level playing field for competitors and consumers.

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